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How to cure hoarseness from chordal hemorrhage

Singer friend, avoid this vocal pathology by activating the voice triangle.

What is chordal hemorrhage

This vocal pathology is very frequent in singers, and is considered a medical-phoniatric emergency. This causes the patient to experience changes in the voice, since the blood is retained, preventing the vibration of the vocal cords.

Among the most frequent causes are: screaming, crying, coughing, but in singers, it is a consequence of an intense sound, made in a traumatic way, all these causes are produced because the singer does not have the conscience, to activate the TRIANGLE OF THE VOICE, before proceeding to have a performance on stage.

The activation of the voice triangle allows you to detect the cause of the effort during singing, so that you can solve at once, so that you do not present the chordal hemorrhage.
In the clinic otolaryngophoniatrics of the voice, we do not operate this pathology, but we rehabilitate it with the new technique of rehabilitation such as the APPLICATION OF THERAPEUTIC ULTRASOUND.

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