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Full range of services for patients with voice disorders

We have the best diagnostic and rehabilitation technology for voice disorders.

Initial Consultation and Assessment

Audiological Evaluation

Evaluation with Rhinomanometry

Evaluation with NFL

Individual therapy session

Evaluation of the voice triangle

Frequently asked questions

For your convenience, here are some frequently asked questions from patients and our answers. If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

most of the speech disorders the most frequent are the articulatory failures in the phonemes that is to say MULTIPLE DYSLALIAS, most of them are functional and environmental and they are cured as the child matures his phonoarticulatory organs, if they persist after 07 years of age, he should see a phoniatrician.

This is another speech disorder but here the fault is in the rhythm of speech, which occurs when you start talking or during the fluency of speech, this speech pathology called DYSPHEMIA if it is an alert and urgently go to a doctor Phoniatrician.

One of the pathologies of the voice very frequent in the singers, when the voice goes away is the GLYCOTIC HIATUS, in a tremendous alarm and should go to your doctor phoniatrician.

teaching friend you are presenting the most frequent pathology in educators the VOCAL NUCKS, you should go to your phoniatrician to start a phoniatric rehabilitation.

Most likely you have a nasal pathology that does not allow you to amplify your voice, you should urgently see an ENT doctor for an evaluation.

Most likely you have a very common pathology in the ear such as earwax blockage, we recommend that you visit your otolaryngologist.

"My daughter has made incredible progress with her speech Now that others can understand her, she is much more confident."

Carol A.
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