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Vocal mute disorders

functional adolescent hoarseness

What is vocal moulting

It is a disorder of the adolescent who is changing his laryngeal morphology but does not accept this change, so he continues adopting an infantile phonatory pattern even though he has an adult larynx. This forces him to perform an excess of muscular activity to sustain a greater tension of his vocal cords, necessary to produce a higher pitch than the one that physiologically corresponds to him according to his greater muscular mass, length of the vocal cord, and maturity of the larynx.
The molting lasts between three and six months, a period during which adolescents suffer from the production of the famous "cockiness", causing them to become embarrassed and withdrawn. Fibroscopy reveals a series of diagnostic signs: degree of maturity of the larynx, excess muscular contraction, generally continuous use of the cricothyroid to increase the tension of the vocal cords, and laryngeal ascent.

Treatment with phoniatric rehabilitation and application of therapeutic ultrasound usually achieves an immediate result. After rehabilitation you can see more relaxation of the vocal cords, an easier vocal production and an increase of the mucosal wave.

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