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What is Psychogenic dysphonia and how to manage it?

Don't let nerves take away your voice

What is Psychogenic dysphonia

Psychogenic dysphonia is a very rare voice disorder in which there is no anatomical or neurological lesion. Generally, the patient has a personal history characterized by situations that have affected or affect him emotionally.
In general it occurs in women with interpersonal conflicts. It is suspected when the examination is discordant with the anamnesis, that is to say, in vegetative functions (like coughing or laughing) the vocal cords join perfectly. When the patient does not refer a psychological cause it is very useful to speak with the family; in this way it is possible to find out that the phenomenon has already happened many times before, or that she is emotionally altered by some disastrous situation.


1.- Psychological approach

2.- Phoniatric Rehabilitation

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